First aid

hi everybody , it may be my fifteenth trial to improve my English language , i do not continue till the end but i think it is a must now i cannot communicate with others by this rough way of speaking so help me to do it , i will write to you twice a week to practice writ ting and arranging my thoughts ,i will talk about my life and different life situation to find out words i always forget when talking to others , let is begin the first trial …i will talk to you about the fir staid course i conduct with a team of course in red crescent of Egypt i joined the team about 3 years now and still working with them ,the programme or course of first aid take 3 days and accept everyone to join there is no need to be a doctor it is not the advanced programme it is prepared to the normal citizens, the programme has information about wounds and bleeding and burns ,bone joints and muscles injuries ,fractures ,convulsion,heat injuries,drowning,fainting,bites,stings,drug overdose,shock,and first aid for kids ,i am one of the instructor not the best but they can depend on me i use a new methods to explain the information , i use drawing and brain storming to get use of the participants experiences ,at the begriming of the course each participants introduce himself and there is a discussion to reveal the experiences of each participants , in the programme we do not focus on medical information but we use it to highlight the ways of helping others until the ambulance came
at the end of the course we use a picture of an accident to make the participants apply what they already learn through the 3 days , then we make a simulation of an accident and we make the participants play the role of victims and firstaiders and annoying people to train them on how to deal with a real accident and injury situation

Hi Sherinhanem,

Thank you for your message. It was very interesting to hear about your activities in the Red Crescent. I thought you spoke very well and there is absolutely no need to feel shy when you speak English. There is also no need to worry about natural pauses in your speaking. We look forward to hearing from you again soon.