Finding words (synonyms, fancy, substitute)

Dear Experts,

I am preparing for IELTS, and currently in the process of learning. I am going through articles found in Nytimes etc and stunned at the use of their vocab (i am not much of a reading guy).

To improve vocab, there are different approaches. Reading, reading, keeping a journal with you etc. I just wanted to know is there any site or online resource that can help me search for a better word for either a word or a phrase. Lets say i want to look for a better/alternative word/phrase for “helpful argument”. What is the best way for doing it?
(please dont focus too much on helpful argument, i have mentioned it for example only, the question is not about helpful argument).


Hi Adan, many thanks for joining our forum and sharing your situation with us. You have come to the right place! Whenever you want to know how to express an idea in a similar way, simply post the phrase here on the forum and together we’ll find synonyms and alternatives to that expression or phrase. How does this sound?

How about ‘useful proposition’? In cases like this we usually need at least the entire sentence the phrase appears in to suggest a valid alternative.

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