Find the most correct sentence:

Could someone please tell me which one of the following questions is the most correct sentence:

  1. I have much work in the hand.
  2. I have much work in hand.
  3. He speaks the load in the hand.
  4. I have heavy work in me.
  5. I have more work in my hand.

Version 2 is the only correct sentence. “to have something ‘in hand’” is idiomatic.

in hand
1 if you have time or money in hand, it is left and available to be used
We managed to redecorate the house and still have some savings in hand.
She completed the first part of the exam with over an hour in hand.

2 if you have a particular situation in hand, you are in control of it
Don’t worry about the travel arrangements—everything is in hand.
3 the job, question, etc. in hand is the one that you are dealing with
Please confine your comments to the topic in hand.
4 if somebody works a week, month, etc. in hand, they are paid for the work a week, etc. after they have completed it
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