financial support for art from government

In my opinion, it is the responsibility of the nation government to provide financial support for the arts. Federal supports for creative activity would be encouraged to create and build new instructions by the artists who are in the interest of the nation. The most important source of government supports for the arts are copy right protection, tax deduction, and money support.
By allowing creation to retain the financial interests in their intellectual property, innovators are allowed to earn income from their works. For example, CD copies without permission of the owner are a significant problem for artists who live in Iran, because any new performance easily copied by everyone which decreases artists income and has a negative influences in their work.
Another way in which artists and other creative work has been encouraged financially in the twentieth century is in through tax deduction for charitable contribution to non- profit educational institution, museum, symphonies, and other artistic organization. The artists can study or exhibit their works there which help them to be famous and make experience.
Art supplies and study in this field is expensive, and students need more amount of loan in contrast of other fields of studying in universities, which needs government more assistants. For example, students have to buy a lot of instruments to build a statue like wires, paints, and brushes and so on which cost a lot for them.
In conclusion, in my view, artists need government attention and assistant in their field to create interesting instruction which everyone can enjoy it, because art changes way of people’s thinking and brings them new entertainments.

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