Fiction story: Never trust a strange one unless you prove it.

Same times fiction stories are example to every one!

Once open time a hyena had two kinds, every morning the hyena used to go for hunting, one day while he was hunting he found a fried meet, his face beamed like the sun rising :smiley: . He loaded the fried meet on his back, facing the hideout of the kids, while He was on the road to his home, a fox saw a hyena with fried meet, She intended to set a tactic for getting the fried meet :idea: , the fox spilt a phony tears on her face :cry: , and faced the hyena, when the hyena saw the tears He got shocked and said, “what have happened fox!? She said, uncle hyena my camel have been robbed and I can’t walk if I would have to joggle as to back my camel, than she pointed her little finger saying,” There!, my camel is that” than hyena said, hey fox, came on and bound at my back, lets have a little ride-race, and back your camel, when the hyena agreed her decision the fox got blessed and jumped at the back of the hyena where the fried meet has been, suddenly she started eating the meet, after a while the hyena felt a little chilly tickling at his back, and said fox! I am feeling a little chilly so what is going up there? She said oh, uncle hyena, that is my tears dropping on your back, he said, expressing sadness, Oh little fox, stop crying, we will strike them and back your camel, once she filled her stomach, she decide to stay out and jump from the back of the hyena, than the fox said “uncle hyena, lets see under that tree if there is one of the camel grassing above the braches , than hyena nodded and said okay. its good idea, the hyena sprinted under the tree, and hastily she hanged up one of the branches, and let the hyena alone, when she missed the sight of the hyena she went down and concealed her self with scores of fox building a home, on the hand the hyena decided to put the meet for the kids and go with the fox as to back her camel, after a few minutes the hyena reached the kids, as he intended to give the meet to the kids, he found nothing and got shocked :shock: , and recognized that he fox, cheated him, he went back looking for the fox who ate his meet, he fallowed her track till he passed over scores of foxes working hard, than he requested them to find out the one who ate his fried meet, he gathered them, give speech, He said, you foxes, I suspected all of you, and now I want get the thief, so her I am going to ignite a huge fire and you jump all of you from the fire, than the one who fly down to the fire is the one who cheated me, than all foxes lined up and bounded the fire expect one fox, , the fox said to the hyena, Oh father, I have abashed-spot in the inner of body, so please turn your back as to jump from the fire, than the hyena said “okay, lady I don’t look for ladies shames so go on, than the fox walk though beside the fire instead of jumping, than she drew her feet at the opposite Conner of the fire, and said, I have done father, than he turned and looked for where she landed when she bounded, and he found the place with a sign of jumping(her footstep), he said, oh, sorry foxes, I knew the fox who cheated me is not her, so please receive me my hottest apologizes. The hyena went there with no hope, and he intended not to trust any one even if it’s the time of delivery!. So may you dare that you can trust your neighboring individuals? Or it’s just a fiction story. People say, never trust any one unless your prove that!