festival days. Please help me.

Are these right?

  1. Welcome to the 80 th celebration of teachers’ day / women’ days.

  2. Today, we are going to hold a celebration to celebrate the 86 th of independent days 2nd September, 1945 - 2nd september, 2013.

No space between the number and the suffix: 80th, 86th

  1. Welcome to the 80th celebration of teachers’ day / womens’ day.

I can’t make sense of the 2nd without something like this:
2. Today, we are going to celebrate the 69th Independence Day Anniversary: 2nd September, 1945 - 2nd September, 2013.

Thanks Beeesneees,

  1. I still confuse “womens’ day” or “women’ s day”.

Sorry - I didn’t tread your sentence carefully enough. It should have been
women’s day.
when the possessor is plural but does not end in ‘s’, e.g. women, children, the apostrophe is placed before the ‘s’.

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  1. Similarly, happy fathers’ day or happy father’s day.

  2. Is this sentence right? “He usually worn a pair of glasses.”

  3. Over next few days, the girls visited / will visit/ are going to visit Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum.

Please help me more.

one father - happy father’s day
referring to all fathers generally - happy fathers’ day

He usually wore a pair of glasses.

… the girls are going to visit…
… the girls will visit…
both work.

Yes, Thanks Beeeneees, Please help me more.

Are these sentences right?

  1. He told her she could stay with us. That’s what I said to her /told.

  2. I wish I could / would you some money for your rent, but I am broken myself.

  3. Do you let / allow me say this in class?

  1. as correct as long as you mean
    That’s what I said to her.
    That’s what I told her.

2, I wish I could lend you some money for your rent, but I am broke myself.

  1. Will you let me say this in class?
    Will you allow me to say this in class?