Feeling fustrated:((

I have taken TOEFL three times
My highest mark is 81
I am still wondering how can I improve my score
I am planning to take it after after 2 weeks
as I need to use that score to apply the universities
is there anyone has some good resources or suggestions for me to improve my score:((((((((((((((((((
My target is ninety something

TOEFL listening lectures: The professor mentions watermelons as an example of what?

Those figures don’t mean anything to me, I have to confess, because I’m not up on the TOEFL score system, but speaking from my experience you can’t improve your skills significantly in just two weeks - it’s too little time.
To bone up on English, you’d have to spend several months working on it.

Be that as it may, this site is a great starting point and you’ll find numerous tests that cover all levels, from basic to advanced. Also, you can use the forum to get answers to your grammar questions, if you have any. I suggest you get cracking on the tests.

I know:(((((((((
so is there any other way for me to improve my other skills in Eng???
where are those test which you mentioned?

english-test.net/esl/english … -test.html
english-test.net/esl/english … -test.html

Hey esmond,

I know as well that is is hard! my first score was either 81. I have succeeded in fifth attempt ^^ but wit 96 :slight_smile: Just keep working and never loose grip of your dreams and goals!! If you like we can talk via skype… I mean I am quite good in that part after my preparations.