Feedback on TOEFL listening exercise 2?


How do you like this TOEFL Dialogue Listening Test: TOEFL Listening Exercise 2?

Do you find it too easy or too difficult? What do you think about the speed?


TOEIC short conversations: Negotiating the price for a used car[YSaerTTEW443543]

Why is the answer to question number 5 “She thinks the game is beneath the man.” What phrase has the same meaning like beneath the man?

I think the speed is Ok. It is not very difficult. In general, the test is very useful. But in my point of view, I think that the conversation convey a lot of information, I mean, so many subjects, they talk about Henry’s vacation, then the writing, the next lecture, then about the book that Henry borrow from the teach, then … many many thing. I just heard it once and may be I am not good enough to understand all of it. But I see that usually in Toelf test, the conservation provide a lot of information but just focus on specific subject. Just my opinion. Hope this can help make it better

Hi, Torsten, may i know the correct answer for all the questions at all TOEFL listening exercise?
And, one more thing, I’m really interesting to practice my listening ability. Would you add more exercise? thanks anyway

Hi Ifra,

You can see the correct answer to each question when you click on ‘check my score’. As for more listening exercises, so far you have only taken one out of thousands. You need to continue here: … _term.html[YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEFL listening discussions: Why may Martha need money?[YSaerTTEW443543]

It was too difficult for me to understand as My native english is Indian

How can i reach ur lessons

why the answer for number 5 is beneath the man ??

Hello Chanovee,

Welcome to the forums.

There are many exercises on this site. Please can you provide a link to the page with the question you are asking about.

Hi everyone,
I agree with that the answer for question 5 does not make any sense for me. I also do not understand the way of the answers for few questions in the later exercise. It might because I am non-native English, but I think it will be helpful if someone explains them.

Toefl listenig exercise are really great source for practice …Some are little bit hard and some almost have same level as actualToefl test.

Good work

I have asked for a link so that we can try to do just that, Omo. … ourse.html

I have a problem with question 5.

Hello Omo,

Thank you for the link.
In the audio the woman says “Hmm. I suppose that would teach, uh, fifth graders about the balance of nature.” in response to the man’s comments about the eco-game (shoot the wolves, see the deer reproduce).

Fifth graders are members of a school class of a particular age. (I believe it is 10 - 11 year olds, but as British schools have a different age system I’m not certain.)
Do you think from her tone, her hesitation, and the description of the game that the woman really thinks this game will teach the children about the balance of nature?

educational - the game will teach the children.
beneath the man - the man shouldn’t be playing it because he is an adult, but it will teach the children.
inappropriate - not really any help in learning about nature.
fun - not any help, but it sounds like fun (possibly she might like a go).

Which answer would you think is best?