Feedback on photographs?


What do you think of our new TOEIC part I questions (photographs): Photographs

How fast do the pictures and MP3 files load? Are they too difficult/too easy? Can you understand what the speaker (Tom Kane) says? Can you see all necessary details in the photographs? What would you like to see in future photographs?


TOEIC listening, photographs: Highway traffic[YSaerTTEW443543]

Good Morning Torsten. The pictures load within moments, and very good they are too.

The questions are a little too simple, but I shouldn’t really be a judge of that.

Good idea though, to link the pictures to a test.


I agree on both.

the pictures load in no time, and the questions are quite simple.

And yet I had to disagree with one of the answers. :oops:

To be precise, the picture took 5 seconds to load, and the mp3, too, took another 5 seconds to load. The exercise is somewhat easy (sometimes a bit difficult but I could repeat). And yes, Tom sounds too good. All details are visible in the photographs.

Once again, a very good idea! It just don’t allow me to get away from it!

One technical suggestion –

Is it feasible to use the latest technologies to make this work like a desktop application – clicking next for next exercise but without refreshing the entire page?