Feedback, correction requested #2

I live in such an environment/ neighborhood that nobody speaks English. When I meet my friends and colleagues in the flesh, they don’t communicate with me in English. In short, I totally don’t have access to the English speaking people with whom I can express my feelings in English from my mouth.My English is limited to words, books, TV and the Internet only. I think if I get a chance to speak with a person in this language on the phone for 10-15 minutes daily then my English, both spoken and written, will be three times better than now (and smooth as silk) in just a couple of months. I am sure and certain that I can afford a telephone/ voice call (half hour) everyday. Please don’t think me otherwise.

Thanks for reading it and of course, checking out the grammar mistakes.


First, congratulations on such good English. Although you have no opportunity to practice, you seem to be doing very well in learning the language by yourself.

Second, here are a few changes that I would make to your very interesting paragraph:

Nobody speaks English in my area. My friends and colleagues speak only Nepalese. I have absolutely nobody with whom to practice my English. Books,

TV, and the Internet are my only connection to English. If I were able to speak on the phone each day with an English speaker, I am sure that my oral

and written abilities would improve rapidly.


Thank you James for your help.
What about the second one?
I hope you will make that post worth reading with interest.
Looking forward to more help from you in the future.


You are very welcome.

Thanks to the Web, you can practice your English with many people throughout the world.