Fatwa by jacky trevane not truth

fatwa living with death by jacky trevane is not truth i am omar her husband,
: maged eltafesh
she sell herselfe and Honor and religion .for maney.she sold her husband for sex with mens.she con do anythings to get with men .but now she get old so no sex no men .she left dave for omar but now she must writ dirty story for Ignorant of women.she is lier.she will make sex filemes if she stop writing

I am omar ( maged in fatwa story )… i am her real husband … i want to say that this woman lives her lifes in illusion … she wrote this book only to collect money n’ to keep ma daughters away from me …ma lovely daughters sara and dina …:smiley: … she want to distort ma pic to ma daughters …so they stay away from me … and also to distort ma reputation…i want to point out something ( why she wrote this book after 16 years ?) and ( why she bear all the torment that she had seen in egypt above 8 years ?? and also we had 2 lovely daughters sara and dina … sara ma eldest daughter… she loves me very much i am sure about that … she cried when her mother kidnap her and told to me " i love u dad i want to saty with u " but at this time i didnt know why she told me that :frowning: anyway i am ready to prove to every one want to know the truth i have many document and pictures of her and ma daughters … and she tarveled every year to engaland same as she want … finally i hope anyone to help me to prove the truth and to see ma daughters and to face her with all ma proof,…notice maybe she afraid :D:D ) anyone want to contact me this is ma no. (0103919746) me email (tafesh_company@yahoo.com)

she is lier she only writ drity story for maney :roll:

I think that says everything about this man’s mentality. No wonder the woman had to run away.

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Sahid, I don’t think we’re going to see that guy again. What he’s apparently doing is searching the web for any site that displays Jacky Trevane’s name and posting that identical message. It appears to be on hundreds of sites.

thank to every one.con any one live 23 years without his doughters

I don’t think this is the right place to discuss your personal problem, if you have any thing against her just go to the court and provide the document that you have. beside any writer interested in the sequence of events and may add some things that are, in fact, inspired by the imagination so if you didn’t say that you’re her husband no one will knows that. what she did in fatwa book is just a drama.

i am sorry again about fatwa .i need to remove it .please helpe me remove

I don’t believe you, Maged. Not one word. That’s if you are Maged. Omar is the name in the book - think you have it the wrong way around. I’ve read Jacky’s book and see no reason whatsoever why she would need to waste her time writing a book about you. I hope if YOU are located then YOU will be issued with a Fatwa and exposed for what you are for what you did to that girl and her unborn baby. Are YOU afraid that you’ll be exposed for what you are?

Jacky was right to write a book about bullies like you. And I hope you never find her.

I apologise for writing this here if it’s not appropriate for this forum, but people need to be wise to this sort of manipulation. What sort of proof do you have? None I expect!!

please make add to me i will prove oll her live to you .she ealy ill woman she need to go to dr please helpe her to do.if i am like she wrot .why i am writ and why i am not hiding .i here my amail my telphon >her address,68 brigsley rd .waltham.grimsby .dn37old…her realy nam is jennifer ann drapar.her tel is(00441472823062) i am live in cairo if you come to egypt come and see my life>pleave me i didnt make anythings to her how .one like you beleave this things she is ill pleave me

i send every things about where the fatwa .in egypt no fatwa but there is fata.is good food.i thank god she left .every day i thank god becouse she left she is not good for marrig.i truthed her amd i made for her school .and she studed in egypt to be teachers.are you pleave that egypt have no water.why she not left at the frist years .why she wait 7 years .why she had Children. i went with her to england 3 manths .why she not left me ?oh.please if you donnt understand any thing pleas leave me alone .oll i want i need to my doughters that is oll .i donnt want see her face atoll.she con play with english Peoples.i dont care about you oll

I read Fatwa in Danish “En god muslimsk hustru” published by Leksis leksis.dk/JackyTrevane.htm Scary story, but most of what Omar is writing the same message all over the Internet. This man must be the greatest stalker off all men. My God does he really think we believe him. Jackie would not write this story if she hadn’t lived through this hell with an abusive husband.

I read the book, and i have to say that it was the scariest thing i have ever in my life read and heard about. All the things Omar/Maged coursed me deep pain, I really feel for Jacky Trevane and her two daughters. I pray that Omar/Maged never finds her or her daughters for in my eyes he does not even deserve to be on the same planet as them after what he did. I can never understand how people can be so cruel. It is so cruel its inhuman!

please helpe jacky trevane to go to the good dr please helpe her iif y care about her

The only one who should go to a doctor is YOU. Even though you might be beyond saving for what you have done.

if you see her face you will help her .

Sorry, you were being very incoherent in your original post - I can’t make heads or tails of it. First you need to pay heed to your spelling and punctuation - it’s painfully difficult to parse sentences that contain this many errors, half of which I’m sure you can aviod.

Tut tut! Tort -

Can you spell “Dieverrshon”? :slight_smile:

Touche, Jamie, Touche.
You’ve got me dead to rights :slight_smile:

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