Father or mother which is more important? Take a side and support your ideas...

I think,mother is more important with the following reasons. Mother spent more time with the children at home.She knows more about the children intimately,monitor and question the company the children keep.
A mother carry the child for good nine months in her wormb,in case of normal delivery and seven or eight months in the case of premature.I think these are some reasons why most children are closed to their mother than their father.
Please, kindly contribute to this topic.What do you think?

Of course mothers are more important than fathers. Moms can work and take care of her children at the same time.There are a lot of peculiarities in child-rearing that only a mother knows. Even with a father in the family, moms take various roles to raise her kids in the best possible way that she can. Except in truly exceptional cases, father seldom goes a long.long way in raising his kids on his own. She often remarries to ta have somebody look after her kids. Besides, there is this strange bond between a mother and child designed by nature that makes them feel safe with each other.

It all depends on how you look at it dont forget that the imotional part is not everything. When it comes to genetics the most important factor is Dad because his genes decides who or what you gona be. Mother brings you into the world and feeds you physiclly and emotionally all the way to 1-2 years but its her nature thats why most think its her but thats because that kind of love is feminine. Dad’s love is different its more of a protective love and thats why its mostly missunderstood by most children … usually mostly girls will get it. At first mother is most important because of ambilical cord … but later boys tend to like mother more and girls their father which is expressed in their search for a soulmate