Farther explanation

There was a question about this part in conversation between a professor and his assistant “Discussion3". I did not understand what she meant exactly. I would like someone to explain it for me more.
Thanks in advance

Dr: I suppose not. I just want to be sure to point out clearly the main ways in which Modern English has developed from its predecessors. You know, the Great Vowel Shift, and so forth. Saving ninety minutes is not going to commit Old and Middle English to total oblivion, after all.
Mr: (laughs) Not if you can help it, certainly! So I can eliminate the phonetics quiz completely, then?

Hi B.d,

You’ll find an explanation here:
english-test.net/forum/sutra … tml#252035

Thanks a lot Beeesneees. This slang is difficult to be understood by foreign students. However, I got what she meant.