factory near community

Good morning) Could you, please, evaluate my essay. Thanks in advance!

A company wishes to build a factory near my community. In this imaginary situation there is no the only right answer on the question: if it is good or bad to live near the newly established large factory. Some people will be optimistic of such an idea, on the other hand, number of residents will not support it.

First of all, it depends on what type of factory it is supposed to be. This question is very important for ecological reason. There is a strong difference between, for example, a cloth factory and metallurgical plant. No doubt, the second one is more dangerous. I can imagine the reaction of people who live in a picturesque little town or even village, near the beautiful river with clear water and so on; then one day the representative of the above mentioned company inform them, that they should be happy because the large factory will be built not far away. Probably, they would be shocked. Everybody knows that any industrial enterprise has a strong impact on the ecological situation. Nowadays, many factories position themselves as eco-responsible. Even though they are well-equipped with sophisticated controlling systems, different filters and so on, they can just reduce adverse effects from their operation. Accidents create other problems, they could be unpredictable and very harmful. So, people, how do not usually care about dumping of chemical waste into rivers, augmentation of the level of the bad gases in the air or acid precipitation, they, indisputably, care about their health and health of their children.

On the other hand, running up of a huge factory can improve the economical situation of the region. Firstly, building process, as a labor-intensive one, will contribute to the creation of the great number of jobs. Secondly, less unemployment people, more taxes into the budget, increased buying power - all these factors are supposed to be great advantages for local people.

To my point of view, establishing of a new factory nearby is not a bad idea. But, to be truthful, I would not like to have such a “neighbor”. Probably, I would move to another place. As well as many people, I care about what I eat, what air I breathe and what water runs from the tap. For me, good ecology and good health are more valuable then economical wealth.

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