Factory in community

A company has announced that it wishes to build a large factory near your community. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this new influence on your community. Do you support or oppose the factory? Explain your position.

Over the past few years, it has been observed that many companies are trying to compete one another in the field of industrialization. They try to build the factories in the vicinity of communities to enhance their production, and attract the consumers towards buying their products. On one hand, it may increase the job opportunities for the community and help the retail stores increase their sale, however, it may also increase the traffic and the emission of chemicals may disturb our environment. I strongly oppose the idea of building a factory near my community.

Building a factory near a residential area is not a good idea. It may help the people living in that area to get jobs in that factory and may improve the economy. It may also increase the daily sales of the retail or the convenience stores located in that community. However, hiring people in the factory means more traffic on the roads and especially in rush hour traffic, it is hard for the drivers to get through that traffic on the road. This may become very frustrating for the college students the people who commute to reach their destination. Moreover, parking lots of that area will be crowded leaving no space for the community. That’s why having a factory in the proximity of a community is not acceptable.

Whenever the factories are built in any premises, they emit certain chemicals in the air or in our environment. Though some precautionary actions can be taken to avoid hazards and the proper ways of disposing the chemicals can be adopted, they have their own demerits. Factories take different actions to avoid air or the water pollution, but many times these actions are limited to the documentation and are not actually performed. If a company builds a factory in my community, this factory can emit soot of the chemicals in the environment and pollute the atmosphere. The chemical may be disposed off as a waste in the water which is dangerous for the aquatic environment.

To sum up, considering the problems of traffic, space available for parking vehicles and the most important environment of the community, it is a witty action of a company to avoid building a factory in my community.

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Hi Apple0 - I am not sure you wrote the correct type of essay here. You mentioned quickly the advantages of the factory, but I don’t think you developed them enough. For this type of essay I would expect one paragraph of advantages, one of disadvantages, and a third which gives your opinion - this third could be combined with the conclusion. Your writing is as wonderful as ever though, only a few minor issues.

You mentioned really an important point regarding such type of essay, I will keep in mind next time. By the way thank you very much for checking my essay.