Face-to-face communication is better than other types of communication

So many forms of communication are available like letter, mail or
telephone. However, talking face to face is mostly preferred. I strongly agree
with this statement as face-to-face communication brings great benefits of
skill improvement, easiness and effectiveness.

Firstly, talking face to face develop communicative skills. This means that
you will be better in expressing ideas and more confident if you always talk
with people. For example, Vietnamese students find it hard to communicate
and study in the US if they rarely talk face to face to foreigners using
English. Their communicative skills cannot be improved. In contrast, an
active student that always finds chance to speak with native speakers can
improve his or her communicative competence very fast. Moreover, they are
more confident than a person that is isolating from people. If a person has
limited ability to speak, he or she cannot be confident when communicating
with others. Talking face to face, therefore, gives you a good chance to make
communicative skills better.

In addition, there is no way to contact with others as easily as face-to-
face. Indeed, you do not need the equipment to speak like a cell phone, a
computer or a piece of paper. That is not complicated since in many cases,
technical problems may occur. For example, you are using a computer
to send an e-mail to your friends but the power runs out immediately.
Similarly, a cell phone may have no signal when you are making a phone
call. You never suffer those technical problems if you communicate face to

Finally, you will see more effectiveness by using face-to-face
communication. The first thing is it is better to understand the implication
or emotion of speakers through their faces and their tones, which you do
not have in other ways of communication. Furthermore, this is a fastest
way that you can know the answer of the speaker. It does not waste your
time in typing on a computer, sending a message, waiting for a reply and
resending another letter to ask for explanation. Moreover, it also brings cost
effectiveness when it saves money paid for electricity, internet connection or
mobile phone services.

In conclusion, all the benefits of face-to-face communication mentioned are
enough to prove that it is the best and mostly liked communicative way.

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