Expressions with WITH/IN: He was writing (with or in) my pen

Hello everybody

Please guide me about the correct prepositions.

1- He was writing ----------my pen. (with-in)
2- Please do not write ---------- chalk.(with-in)



1-- with (pen is modified)
2-- with or in (chalk is unmodified)

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I could not understand the answer

Could you please elaborate it for me a bit? :smiley:

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These are sentences I wrote

  1. Please write in ink, if not your exam will not be graded.
  2. I think the picture will be more pleasant when we colour with a brush rather than with a pencil.

They might not sound refined as they should be.


ESL intermediate Student

1-- with (pen is modified-- it has an adjective, ‘my’)
2-- with or in (chalk is unmodified-- it has no adjective or determiner)

PS: Please do not add extra letters to words-- it looks childish, Tom.