Expressions that I can't find in a dictionary

  1. [color=red]Do I know if you guys know that blond guy who is …?

Is this the expression? I heard it from Seinfeld, not sure if I got it straight.


Is this the dialogue? It sounds pretty close; I think you may have misunderstood “either”:

Elaine: (Speaking to George and Kramer) Do either of you know that blond guy who's always on that show, the really handsome guy?
George: I, uh...I wouldn't know.
Elaine: You know, just admitting that a guy is handsome doesn't make you a homosexual.
George: It doesn't help.

Yeah, yours must be the correct one, hehe. I love Seinfeld, either for learning English or for fun.

By the way, what is “on the show”? They are talking about exercising in the health club, right?

I just listened again, “on that show” part doesn’t sound right.

It could be any show known to the speaker. There doesn’t have to be an indication of the show in the dialogue.
It’s quite common for someone to try to describe a show by saying something like:
“He’s on that show, you know, the one with the Judge.”
The listener, because of their common shared knowledge, may then know what show the speaker is talking about even though it is not mentioned by name.