Expressions like "I'm looking forward to seeing you"

Dear teachers,
In one of the tests I saw another expression that require the verb+ing but I can’t find it now, so I’d like to know:

  • are there many expressions like that ? or
  • if there are just two-three can you give me the expresssions? or
  • how can I know (or feel) when to use the verb+ing?
    Is there a rule for it? Why “I’m looking forward to see you” is not correct?
    Thank you![/b][/i]

Hi Monica,

I can just say you that you can also say “I look forward to seeing you”.

But it’s still “seeing”, isn’t it?

Are you looking for patterns " to -ing"? In theory, any verb1 that can take a noun as an indirect object after “to” ought to work, such as “react to…”, “respond to…”, “object to…”, “correspond to…”.

I found some more suggestions at … q/post.htm :

pay attention to, take exception to, take to, resort to, get around to, contribute to, devote time to, amount to

I am waiting for your message.

I am searching for an answer.

I am thinking of a reply.

I do not really think there is a “rule”, this is just a fairly common means of expression.

Hmm … I don’t think that’s what Monica is looking for. Perhaps she can clarify.

Thank you, Dozy
for sending me to that page - I found the expressions and I’ll try to make friends with them :slight_smile: the following days and get them closer to me.
See you next time!