Expression: 'With 18 years being passed...'


Could you please tell me how you find the following expression?

1- With 18 years being passed, I can’t seem to remember anything at all.


Hi Tom

It sounds very odd to me – especially the words being passed. Was there a reason that you chose being rather than having?

Some ideas:
Eighteen years later …
After the passage of eighteen years,…


Hi Tom,

You want my honest opinion? I think it stinks. It’s also the classic dangling participle or unrelated participle because we don’t know who does the ‘passing’.

How about:

Now that 18 years have passed, I … ?


Must we use a comma in this sentence? Is there any thread related to the comma’s usages here? Thanks!!! :slight_smile:


We don’t have a final sentence yet, FangFang. :lol: We’ll have to wait for Tom to decide what his final wording is going to be. But it does look like a comma is going to be needed in the final version. :wink:

I believe this link is the website with comma information that Mr. Mic often recommends.


I take it that passed means died in British English. In N. A. the euphemism for died is passed away so “With 18 years having passed (,) I can’t seem to remember anything at all.” would be a good sentence.

Without looking at the meaning of Tom’s construction, “with 18 years being passed” or “with 18 years having passed” is The Prepositional Absolute Participial construction :smiley:

Hi Canada,

‘Pass away’ is also used in Br. Eng to mean die. I just can’t follow your line that it’s a ‘good’ sentence if it means ‘pass away’ or maybe I’m missing some subtle twist of humour?


A lot of thanks to everybody!

Now do you find the following constructions OK?

1- With 20 years having passed, I can’t seem to remember anything at all.

2- Despite 20 years having passed, I seem to remember everything dinstinctly.


PS Any amendments and suggestions would be highly appreciated.

1- After twenty years…

2 - Though


It’s no surprise that after 20 years I can’t seem to remember anything at all.
Even after such a long time I still seem to remember everything quite clearly.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Alan
If I understand your question, “With 18 years having passed…” has nothing to do with dying; it has to do with time passing.