Expression: self-service and Word: cashier


Which one is correct: self-service cashier, self-servicing cashier or self-cashier?

Many thanks in advance.


A self-service cashier would be a cashier in a self-service store.

A self-servicing cashier would be a cashier who repairs herself if she breaks down mechanically. She would basically be a robot who fixes herself.

A self-cashier is a cashier who throws her own body over the scanner or rings up the price tag that’s on her own body, puts herself in the shopping bag or cart, and says “thank you” to herself.

Thank you for your explanation.

I was referring to the machine though. I actually used a cashier that I scanned all my shopping items and did the paying like when we use a vending machine.

What should I call that thing?

I think we’d call that a self-serve scanner. The process is called self-serve checkout. Various stores have their own names for it.

Many thanks!