Expression: See the moon

Hello, everyone!

Please tell me if the verb “see” in the following

sentence is proper.

We see the moon on Mid-Autumn Day!

By the way, the verb should show a feeling of

appreciation here.

Thank you!

It’s grammatically correct, yes, and true I suppose, but kind of pointless. It’s like saying ‘I see the sun on Tuesdays.’

Also, ‘see’ doesn’t convey the sense of appreciation you want.

The only verb I can think of involving the eyes which carries a sense of appreciation is ‘behold’, but that’s a little over the top.

I’d suggest ‘admire’, or ‘contemplate’, which do mean to look at with a sense of appreciation.

edit: I think ‘gaze’ is probably your best choice.

“We gaze upon the moon on Mid-Summer’s Day.”

However, how are you even looking at the moon during the day?

Thank you very much, Skrej!

Mid-Autumn Day is a traditonal Chinese festival, which is on the date of lunar August 15th. The

moon is quite full at the night. The full moon represents the reunion of a family that night. People

of a family usually sit at the table in the open air and look at the full moon in a happy mood.