Expression "no little"

Hi. I’m new member. I hope you will help me to answer this question.

The news of her marriage caused us no little surprise
A. We were not surprised when she married.
B. We knew she had married but were still surprised.
C. Her marriage did surprise us a little.
D. We were greatly surprised when we heard she had married.

I want to know “no little” in this case is nothing or very great. Please help me. Thank.

No little = Quite a bit.

Hi Mister Micawber. Thank for your help. I want to ask in this case I choose key D. Isn’t it wrong? Please help me.


Yes. I’m very grateful for your help.

No little = quite a bit ?
It’s obvious that the correct answer is in the forth choice, So how could it be quite a bit? :roll:

quite a bit = a lot = a good bit = heaps