Expression: I had put over on me


What does this expression mean?

I have tried looking but to no avail. I actually learnt it from a Japanese expression, but the meaning given doesn’t make sense. It is to my understanding that this expression is expressed by older native speakers of English.

Thank you.

To have something put over on you means to be swindled. We wouldn’t say, “I had put over on me,” but instead, “I had one put over on me,” or, “I had something put over on me.” The verb “have” needs a direct object there. You can also say, “He got one put over on him,” or, “It looks like somebody really put one over on you!”

This expression is not limited to older speakers, and it’s relatively common.

The Japanese expression was, “You go trick that person, as much as you can!” and the translated version was “I had put over on me”.
That is why it didn’t make sense to me.