Expression: "Her eyes are deep like an ocean."


Could you please tell me if an is required or the here?


Hi Tom

I’d probably go with ‘the’, but I suppose either would be possible. I guess I like ‘the’ because most people are familiar with one particular ocean and that particular one would be what her eyes were being compared to.

Hi Tom,

In all honesty I find Her eyes are deep like an/ the ocean.
a bit wacky. I would suggest: Her eyes are as deep as the ocean.


it depends if your want to talk about Oceans in general or a particular ocean. Using ‘an’ means any ocean, and using ‘the’ means a particular ocean. It doesn’t matter all that much, but “Her eyes are deep like an ocean.” sounds a little better.

I agree with Glitterfairy, if you say “the ocean” I would wonder which ocean you meant, ocean 1 is not ocean 2,ect…but that may be because I don’t live near an ocean.

As Alan said “her eyes are keep like an ocean” sounds pretty strange. “Her eyes are as deep as the ocean” simply seems to be more commonly used.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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