Expression: "He hoisted my head with pride"


Could you please tell me which sentence is more natural in each pair?

1- His son lifted his head with pride.
2- His son hoisted his head with pride.

1- His son lowered his head with shame/ embarrasment.
2- His son dropped his head with shame/ embarrasment.

1- You should be embarrassed of yourself.
2- You should be embarrassed at yourself.


  1. His son lifted his head with pride.

  2. His son lowered his head in shame (‘in’ sounds more natural).

None. I would say: “You should be ashamed of yourself”.

Many thanks, Conchita!

I hope it could be anybody’s head–I mean, his or his father’s, and in both cases the sentences are correct[color=red]??


We normally lift our own head with pride and lower our own head in shame. In your sentences, we understand that the son lifted or lowered his own head.

Ah ha! OK, could you please see this one too? How does it sound to you?

  1. Her son lifted her head with pride.

  2. Her son lowered her head in shame.


The first sentence sounds unusual and the second one, very strange. Do you have a bit of context for them? To me, lifting or lowering someone’s head suggests that this someone is lying, for example. Maybe others have a different view.

Hi Tom

I agree that, without any other context, your last two sentences sound odd. Headhunters? Beheadings? :shock: