Expression "Go Kursh"


Is it right to use the verb “go” wihout the preposition “to” in advertising a language school?

I mean, is the sentence “Go Kursh” correct, where “Kursh” is the name of a lanaguage school?

It’s OK in that context. Often better with and exclamation mark (!).

Go Kursh!

“To go X”, where X is the name of a company, can mean “to travel with the operator X”, e.g.

  1. Last year I went British Airways.


  1. Last year I flew British Airways.

“To go X” can also mean “to acquire the characteristics of X”, e.g.

  1. She’s gone American.

Advertising slogans of the kind “Go Kursh!” seem to conflate both meanings.

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It can also mean “change to X” or “begin using X”, where X is the name of a service, product and/or company.

Go Bud!
Go Carslberg.
Go Apple.
Go Jimmy’s pool cleaning services.