Expression "do you good"

Test No. [color=blue]incompl/elem-12 “We went on holiday”, question 5

I’ve tried those tablets and they haven’t done me any .

(a) benefit
(b) good
(c) better
(d) best

Test No. [color=blue]incompl/elem-12 “We went on holiday”, answer 5

I’ve tried those tablets and they haven’t done me any good.

Correct answer: (b) good

Please can you explain me why better makes no sense.

Thank you

The expression do you good means brings you some benefit If you want to use make then it would have to be make me (feel) better.


And what’s the difference between “BENEFIT” and “GOOD”???
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I think that u can say “bring me some benefit” or “do me good” but not “do me benefit”. Because “do me benefit” is an expression, so u have to accept it or learn it by heart. Did I understand right?

Alex Anna
You are right. We don’t say “do me benefit” but we can say “(give) (bring) me benefit”.

The simplest correct ways to use the two words are “do me good” and “benefit me”.
Of course, they can be modified to say things like “do me (no) (some) (a lot of) good” and “benefit me (some) (a lot) (tremendously)”.

is there such an expression “do sb. bad”?

BTW, is the sentence above correct? I mean if my question is grammatically correct?


Interesting point. I don’t know of the use of ‘do me bad’. To me the nearest expression suggesting that somebody rather than something is causing me harm is the expression ‘do me wrong’.


Thanks for that.

Another question is, if I want to ask someone the reason why he did not do something, should I say “why didn’t you do…?” or “why you didn’t do …?”

Hi Seanmen,

Yes you would say:
Mike, why didn’t you do your homework? or
Why didn’t you call me?
Why didn’t you help me?
Why didn’t you pay that bill?

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ok, thank you!

I’ve tried those tablets and they haven’t done me any …

(a) benefit
(b) good
© better
(d) best
can u plz tell me why it is ‘good’ in the blank instead of ‘benefit’ in the blank?

I think when we talk about the health, we use the word “good”

‘Do me good’ is a fixed expression while ‘do me benefit’ isn’t. By the way, the words ‘u’ and ‘plz’ don’t exist in English. Also you need to start each sentence with a capital letter.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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so do me good is the correct usage right?
and bring me benefit is for the word benefit…
uhmm well…
thank you for the correction

Amal, hello again.

You have it slightly wrong. You would say, " They bring me some benefit."


thanks a lot Dear kitosdad


You have mentioned that the word ‘please’ does not exist in English. But then it is being widely used. What word should be used in place of that?


thanks for telling me the difference between good and benefit.
I hope i can use it correctly.

Thanks Alan
you are such a great teacher that i longed to have one day :slight_smile:

Hi Torsten
What do you mean by there isnot the word ‘please’ in english?
Best Regards.