Expression: "Be fed up with sth"

Hello all teachers,

Would you pls tell me if my expression is correct: Somebody fed(s) up with Sth or just simply as I’ve had it (“it” means sth people don’t want or dislike or make them feel angry…)



[i][size=92][color=red]I’ve changed the word 'to’ to the word ‘with’ in the title of your thread, Edwin.

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Hi Edwin

You have the basic meaning right, but the expression is ‘be fed up with someone/something’:
He is fed up with all the spam he receives every day.

That means he is weary of or disgusted with all the spam e-mail he receives.

The word ‘fed’ always remains unchanged.

The expression “I’ve had it” can mean the same thing as “I’m fed up”.
Yes, the word ‘it’ is basically a reference to what you are disgusted with or angry about. But in “I’ve had it”, the word ‘it’ doesn’t tell you anything specific until you add the word ‘with’ and additional information:

I’ve had it with all the spam I receive every day.

You might say the sense of the word ‘it’ is "I’ve had (much too much of) it."


I’ve just noticed that you asked the very same question in another thread and that Jamie answered it: … html#50934

Hello Amy,

Many many thanks for your detailed answer.

Yes,i’ve asked the same question in another thread, i noticed Mister Haihao’s post “be fed up to here”,and then i associated with the expression “be fed up with someone/something”.