Expression: "All the vows..."


Please see below:

Heroine to a man she has recently fallen in love with:(telling about her husband and their relationship)

I lived with a stone placed firmly over my heart. For years Chris(husband) told me it was OK, that our marriage was something that others aspired to. It is difficult to accept that our marriage was a lie, an unadulterated lie.All the vows that I had sacred, Chris played fast and loose with them.

All the vows that I had sacred…

Do you think it is corect???


Hi Tom

I’d expect the phrase to be “all the vows that I held sacred”.


Yes, it must be. :smiley:

I tried twicw to match “had” with “kept”, but it did not fit; since she said something like “had”

Here, in Pakistan, we have a beautiful saying for experienced people like you, Amy:(The translation is)

“Old rice is, after all, old rice”

Got it??? Bundles of thanks for this untiring support!


I’m not sure we would consider that exactly as a compliment if we didn’t know it was beautiful in Pakistan!!