Explanation: I am in bed. - Where is she? She is in the bed.

I have read this two sentences.
1)- I am in bed.
2)- Where is she? She is in the bed.
Please can you explain me , why in the first sentence we didn’t use the article ‘‘the’’, but in the second sentence we have used it.
thank you in advence.

Dear Abdou,

I have just read your request about the use use of the definite article in ‘‘She is in the bed’’ and its omission in ‘‘I am in bed’’.
To be in bed means to sleep,therefore requires no use of the definite article. But to be in the bed means to in a particular and specified bed,in which case a definite article is needed.

Thanks a lot!


Hi Biloko David,
I thank you so much for your fast replay. Now I see the difference.
Thank you again.