Experimentation on animals for scientific purposes is justified?

Do you believe that experimentation on animals for scientific purposes is justified? Are there any alternatives to animal experimentation?

Most of us do not have a clear understanding about animal experimentation. We only focus on the medical achievements we had archived in the past then we do not realize the truth that our achievements by testing on animal is very little compared to the number of animal are being killed in laboratories of medical companies over the world each year. Forcing animal to suffer painfulness is cruel and not justified. Animal can’t talk but they can feel and they should have their own right.

We must admit that testing on animal is a very important method to find out whether new medical is harmfulness to human health or not. By using that way, scientists had explored many new medicines, vaccines for deadly diseases like polio, rabies, rubella, and tuberculosis which have been saving many people’s lives today. However, applying that methods for today is outdated. In the past, the infrastructure of medical laboratories was poor and scarce. The scientists didn’t have modern equipment supporting for their research as we have today. They could not perform testing on human and using animal for their testing was only one choice they had. The evolution of
technology, especially is the invent of computer, we have many technologies which can be supporting our scientists. Consequently, killing animal is not necessary and should be banned.

Another important aspect is that animal has their own physical and mental behaviors which completely different with humans behaviors. Rats, mice, rabbits and even chimpanzee - the human-nearest animal will behave in uncontrolled ways when they are kept in cages, with chemicals injected into their body. The experimentation like that often does not have high accuracy we need and we are absolutely wasting time and money on these tests. Medicines invented by this way will bring potential danger to the health of people.

To conclusion, I always disagree with testing on animal. We are living in a society with our modal standards, our right and we should treat animal well by using that way.

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