expect vs wait

What is the difference in meaning of the following sentences:

  1. This answer was expected.
  2. This answer was waited.

Could be as following?

  1. expected to happen;
  2. waited to come;

Give me please more explanations to clearly differentiate!

“This answer was expected” is OK and means “expected to happen”, as you say.

“This answer was waited.” is wrong. “wait” cannot be transitive.

You could say “This answer was awaited”, but it seems rather unusual. If you wanted to say anything like this, it would more usually be “The answer was awaited”, which means that people were waiting for an answer. “await” is a rather formal word and not used much in everyday English.

like Dozy said the first sentence is correct but the second is wrong.
we can say : i am waiting for your answer. that’s correct but the second sentence is grammatically wrong.
i hope you understand the difference my friend.