Exclamatory sentence?

Hi there, I know there are two common types of exclamatory sentences which are often introduced by what or how. Like, what a beautiful day! How nice! How funny!
Do you still consider this one an exclamatory sentence?
This is a fabulous party! Are there any other kinds of exclamatory sentences?
Thank you very much.

As far as I can tell, there is no hugely technical or grammatical definition of “exclamatory sentence”. I think it simply means any sentence expressing strong or sudden emotion, reaction, etc., with an exclamation mark at the end. So there would be any number of possibilities.

Following Is The List Of Exclamatory Sentences

What a long route they took!
What a mistake it would be to lend him money!
What a piece of work is man!
What a pleasant surprise!

How nice of you to drop in!
How tall you have grown!
How loud you speak!
How fast you finished the work!
How great it is to meet you!
How serious he has become!
How slow you walk!
How strange that item seems!

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