Excellent knowledge is important for employees to complete their tasks, however,

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? In order to succeed in doing a new job, the ability to adapt oneself to the new environment is more important than the excellent knowledge of this job.

Excellent knowledge is important for employees to complete their tasks, however, in my opinion, it is the ability to adapt that matters most for employees who newly enter the professional world.

To begin with, adaptability is essential for employees to pass the trial period assessment. New employees who fail to stay after the probation period are criticized the most for being unable to adapt to the new environment. Those employees, surprisingly, possess very excellent knowledge according to their resumes and evaluation in interviews. However, they fall below the employer’s expectation for the lack of adaptability. For example, employees who used to work for other companies may find it hard to switch their working style, which, though, doesn’t apply to their current work place. Another example here is that a significant portion of students who have achieved excellent academic scores in college hardly continue their prosperity in professional areas due to a lack of adaptability. Therefore, adaptability plays a more vital role than knowledge when it comes to playing in and winning out from a professional world.

In addition, without adaptability it will be hard for the employees to take full advantage of their academic strengths. Adaptability is all about the ability to communicate efficiently, manage multiple tasks properly and work well under pressure, as well as being locational flexible. These soft skills are essential for a new comer to quickly fit into the new position. It is only when the individual has adapted well and worked as an integral part of the team that the person’s other strengths, such as excellent knowledge, will begin to shine and be noticed by other people.

Admittedly, someone who is short of knowledge about the job will eventually be ruled out from the competitive job market. However, I would say that being knowledgeable is beneficial in the long run rather than in a short period after admission to a job. In conclusion, adaptability is the first step for success in a new job and it is my assertion that being adaptable is more valuable than being knowledgeable for a fresh employee.

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Undoubtedly, many factors contribute to one’s professional triumph, including competent professional knowledge and an ability to acclimatize oneself to unfamiliar working settings. Indeed, it is my perspective that although professional expertise matters in completing one’s tasks, the ability to adapt oneself to a dynamic working environment indeed matters more.

To begin with, adaptability matters significantly for anyone seeking and maintaining a job. In fact, with impressive professional knowledge many job seekers easily win the approval from HR managers during interviews and even in the following probationary period. However, some newly recruited employees, including both fresh university graduates and those with professional experiences, lose their job afterwards largely due to their inadaptability to fit new working environment, or even to fit new managerial styles which are inconsistent to those with which they used to be comfortable.
In addition, even new hires who succeed to maintain their jobs will eventually find it hard to stand out from their peers if they fail to fit in the team culture well. Adaptability is all about the fundamental soft skills required to complete one’s routinely work, including leading effective communication, handling multiple requests, making proper plans and delivering high quality works under pressure. These are skills that directly impact the impressions on their supervisors. Employees who fail to meet their bosses’ expectation on these aspects can hardly get further opportunities to show their academic strengths, and that explains why students who have achieved impressive academic performance in college barely continue their prosperity in professional worlds.

It is undeniable that excellent knowledge and deep insights about the areas are essential for the professionals to lead in their fields. However, technical qualities benefit people more in the long run career rather than a short term period after one’s admission to a new job. In conclusion, though a good understanding of the industry matters in one’s career, it is my assertion that the ability of employees to adapt themselves to new working surroundings counts more when they are fresh in their professions.

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