EXCEL program

Does someone knew about EXCEL program for slow down Myopia incrasing, please let mw know if you have more experience,Thanks,

Hi, nami

If you mean Microsoft Excel, the program has no any special features to slow down Myopia.

AndI think that Microsoft Excel has nothing in common with slowing down the Myopia.

nami, you are in the US? Atlanta?

Take a look, for example, at:

(Screen Magnification / Enhancement Software

  • Screen Reading Software
  • some links given in the bottom)

Maybe, you’ll find something useful.

Or you just can use ‘standard’ MS software, such as Magnifier, Narrator, and, of course, varuous (Accessibility) options to customise your PC…


It isn’t Microsoft EXCEL, it is a new technique to slow down the nearsighting, just like a contact lens, anyway, thanks,

Hi nami

Is this possibly what you were referring to: :?:
exceleyecenter.com/pr_revolu … rgery.html

What about laser surgery? Has that been ruled out as a possibility? I believe that’s what a friend of mine had done and it was extremely successful. His vision used to be horrible. Now he doesn’t need glasses or contact lenses at all.


Thanks, Amy:
actually it is not a surgery, i believe it is very new technique, just like a contact lens, you wear at every night in order to pressing the cornea to make coronea bends light rays to focus directly on the retina that was the doctor told me, but you know it will spend $1800/peryear, that is why I want to ask who has the experience, then I can make a decision, thnaks for your messages, Bo