everyone lives for himself

Hi teachers,

Everyone lives for himself. Correct?


Sexists would add ‘herself’, but the rest of us would say:

Everyone lives for themselves.

Thank you, Alan.
Why do we use “themselves” when “everyone” is singular.


‘everyone’ isn’t strictly sing. or pl.
it can be used both in sing. and pl. form. note these two sentences below:

  1. everyone brought their partner to the party.
  2. everyone brought his/her partner to the party.

did you notice the difference?

the only difference is that 2nd one is more formal.

hope it would help. :)[/b]

Not repeating what was previously discussed by the members of the forum, nowadays you can meet even: “Everyone you’ve ever met talks about themselves as a ‘people person’ and says they can ‘work independently as well as part of a team’," says Corinne Mills…