Ever heard of Windizzi? (How many search engines do you know?)

Yes, Google is by far the best search engine and it’s also one the best companies in the world (if not just the best). But every venture goes through a certain cycle and usually the initial phase is the most exciting one. Back in the mid 90ies who would have thought that there might be a search engine some day that is outperforming Yahoo?

And now we find it difficult to imagine there could be another search engine that is as good as or even better than Google. Well, I’m quite sure you haven’t heard of Windizzi yet? Adam Blair, a 27 year old British entrepreneur wants to create the next Internet brand name. What do you think of his project?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hello Torsten,

Never heard of it. But I think we should keep our goal BIG like Adam’s. Or else we will not know what to do next or we’ll be idle without direction once we reached our not so big goals.

Right now my goal is to take over the company where I work.(kidding!) Not a bad idea though 8)