Essay: the responsibility of University

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Some people believe that universities are responsible for preparation of young people for employment. Others believe universities have other responsibilities. What do you think about the responsibility of universities?

Generally, people often view universities as the institution that responsible solely to produce future employees. In my opinion, the task of universities are not limited only to prepare young people for their future employment. In this essay, i will mention several other tasks of universities.

As the center of excellent, universities hold responsibility to build up a better society, both in domestically and internationally. This difficult task is completed by producing some new inventions and academic researches that can bring some improvements to mankind. We can take the area of environmental chemistry as an example. Students who study in this department are expected to discover a new form of chemical configuration that can help the world to preserve the environment.

Additionally, universities also hold a task as independent observer and neutral evaluator. Universities are expected to give opinion and academical analysis in all aspect of life, depending on the discipline. For instance, Department of Law at University of Indonesia has been constantly producing neutral opinions that are free from any political interest or government interference, regarding the performance of current governmental regime in Indonesia. Additionally, as these opinion are constantly being published in national newspaper, University of Indonesia at the same time is acting as mediator between government and fellow academia

In sort, Universities carry some task not only as the main institution to produce high-quality future employee, but also as independent institution to bring about some positive changes to government and society in general.

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there should be IS istead of ARE in the first line of the essay if i am correct.

2nd paragraph, As the centre of excellance, ---------both domestically and internationally…

Additionally, universities also serve as observers and neutral evaluators.

Academic analysis in every aspect of life.

In short, … re phrase or write another conclusion …

Thats my opinion :), Otherwise its all good…

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Some people believe that universities are responsible for preparation of young people for employment.

The first sentence is correct, it should be UNIVERSITIES ARE = the word universities is in plural, so I think that ARE sounds correct!

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i was talking about the line " in my opinion, the task of universities is not limited to only prepare…" because you wrote TASK not TASKS … so there shouldn’t be are in it …
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