Essay: Should higher education be available only to good students? Please rate

Some people believe that a college or university education should be available to all students. Others believe that higher education should be available only to good students. Discuss these views. Which view do you agree with? Explain why.

What is a good student? We can say that a good student is who gets the highest marks, but I cannot disagree more. The unique philosophy to measure some subjects is the final exam but some students can be nervous and write a bad test. Later, that students can be a very good researchers or have other abilities that can make them a very good workers. Some students with high marks do not work correctly in the open field because they were only good studying but not interpreting notes or thinking with an open-mind.

All in all, subjects which the most important thing is the final exam cannot measure all the qualities needed in some jobs. Some students are really bad studying but nevertheless they are very good organizing main ideas or resolving difficult puzzles, so which is the main point of doing only exam? Several students are nervous about the possibility of failing and because of that they try harder using all their energy studying and writing a poor exam later. For example, a friend of mine is very good organizing data but she closes her mind when is trying to study it, because she is scary of failing.
Furthermore, a good researcher is not necessarily the person who gets the highest mark, because a good researcher need a very good organizational skill and attention to detail. Although it is difficult to measure that points in a test. For instance, I can organize a paper work in a few moments, but it takes me more time to study it, so I prefer do a research instead write an exam.

In addition to the study, the students need to learn how to work in laboratories and open field. These activities usually are not truly measure in a test, as a result you cannot know if a student will be a good worker, which is for the preparing in high school is worthy. For example, I met a person in my degree who has really good marks but in a laboratory was very clumsy and he cannot finish any experiment.

To sum up, marks are not the truly important in a degree, the important is how much you learn and how you use that knowledge in the real life. A good student who is very clumsy maybe it is not worthy for a job in a open field, on the other hand, a not so good student can achieve that job with great results. So the important is how you use all your abilities.

Thank you Mr. Luschen.

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Hi Antonioiba, your writing is pretty good, but you have not really addressed the topic at all. You have talked about whether tests are a good measure of academic progress, but the prompt is asking about weak students being admitted to college. You did not really mention this at all in your essay. You have to be very careful, because on a real test they might give you a zero for not addressing the topic, even though your writing is at the 4 level.

Thank you Mr. Luschen, I am taking care with that after I wrote this essay.
And thanks for your correction.