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Some People prefer shopping in shopping centers, while others prefer local markets. What are the advantages of each? Share your opinion and any personal experiences in your answer.

These days’ consumers have varied shopping options available, like shopping centers and local markets. Few consumers prefer shopping from shopping center, few from local market and few from both. Let us analyze what are the advantages of shopping at shopping centers and local markets.

With growing world economy and liberalization shopping centers are becoming the preferred shopping options for all type of consumers. Gone are those days when shopping centers were choices of only high profile consumers. I enjoy shopping at shopping centers as they provide full day fun. Such as while my wife is shopping her stuffs I can take my children to available play areas in the shopping centers, we get different eating options like restaurants or coffee shops or ice cream parlors. Many times we enjoyed a cinema first and then spend good time on shopping groceries, fruits, vegetables, cloths and gadgets under one roof. Sales during festive seasons like “Thanks Giving” and “Christmas” tempts me to do lot of shopping and save huge money at shopping centers.

On other had few consumers prefer shopping at local markets. Especially we get fresh vegetables, fruits and flowers at local market. Fresh fish from local fisheries, oh man I love them very much!! They test amazing!! Shopping at local market save time and cost on your travel and parking fees. This also promotes the local products and local economy. I always get chance to do the great bargaining at local markets and get the products at cheaper rates.

In nut shell consumers can prefer local markets as well as shopping centers for their shopping. My opinion says we need to decide what we would like to buy from where. We can buy everything from shopping centers but should think about the pocket as well. Hence prefer shopping from shopping centers during sale seasons. And we should buy fresh products like vegetables, fruits from local market. We should also promote local product for growing our local economy and create more jobs. Despite shopping centers are more popular local market will always have dedicated customers.

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Hi Jt6112. I enjoyed reading your essay. You have addressed the prompt well and I think your structure is effective. I liked your arguments and you have included some relevant and convincing examples. You do have quite a few minor errors, like with your use of articles and some word choices that could be improved. I don’t think it sounds quite natural enough to score a band 7, so I would rate this a band 6.5.

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