Essay - Sales vs regular prices

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Prompt. Is it better to buy a product when you want it at the regular price or wait for the product when it is on sale? Use examples and reasons to argue your position.

There is no question for me when to buy a product. I never wait for any sales and I have some reasons for it. To buy products that I like as soon as I see them lets me to use things more time, without any sellers’ stunts and any pity that I was late to buy them.

First, in my opinion it is hard to wait for something what you really need. For example, two years ago I bought a smart phone Galaxy S2. I knew that it will be cheaper in five or six months. But I think that I began to use it earlier than other people for this extra money. It helped me a lot, because I have recognized how it is useful for my business. If I could buy it even more expensive but earlier I would do this.

Next, I believe that retailers are not fair with customers. Sometimes they increases prices deliberately and when they reduce them this is not really sale prices but just ordinary ones. Last week I noticed how a car tool kit in one shop cost 100 dollars. Yesterday I saw the same price on it but near was the sale mark. So if you are not thoroughly know the market you can be cheated by sales offers.

Finally, it is often happen when you wait for sale on a certain product, but when it comes the product is over. Ones I was upset through this. I liked a coat which was perfect for me but the price was too high. The sale began but somebody had already bought it. Since this I do not wait and try to buy nice things as I see them.

To sum up, I conclude that I prefer to buy products without any waiting. This is the right way because I can get good experience earlier. Also retailers will not trick me and I will not lose the chance to have a wonderful thing in my wardrobe.

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Hi Nbabichev, I though you did a pretty good job with this essay, though maybe not as strong as your previous effort. Your structure was clear though, with good examples, but you had quite a few grammatical and usage errors that made some of your writing sound somewhat unnatural. Overall, I would rate this a 4 out of 5.

Dear Luschen, I am very thankful to you for your help and advice. They are very useful for me, because I feel how I control myself to avoid my common mistakes. It is amazing that you can understand even some of my unclear and vague ideas. So, I would never find my drawbaks without your help, even after many revisions.