Essay: defining the origin of life

According to the reading passage, two graduate students of Chicago university wanted to define the origin of life by experiment. Their experiment consist of five-liter flask water, ammonia, methane, hydrogen. Firsly they added the last 3 gasses to water then they heated it continuously. Gradually, water started to evaporate. Their aim was to create the weather condition before life started. Somewhat their experiment was successful. They earned great respect for their conjecture. According to lecture, there are some doubts about the experiment that graduates prepared. The most important factor is the the heat that was continuos. It can not be hot continuously. Cause it changed during the evolution. The other reason is the form gasses.They can not be same from the early gasses. The other scientist state that graduates decreace the hydrogen during the experiment. Lastly, other conjectures is change minds about experiment. Some scientists hypothesizes that life originated from meteorites that come to earth. But that premise also not proven. As of yet, lots of hypothesizes are given. Nobody knows how is the life originated.

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