Essay: Dear classmates, I'm absolutely sure that after 7 years the majority...

Hello, please I did an essay and I hope that you can correctet it or change some points if you see it would be better and thanks a lot.
Dear classmates, I’m absolutely sure that after 7 years the majority of you will get
married ,and after 9 years the majority of you will have perfect kids . But what I’m not sure about ,is that if these majority of you will success in their marriage or no I absolutely don’t no. So let me ask you some question before i start my topic : Have you ever listened to some of your parent’s problems? Have you ever wondered about some kinds of married people’s problems? Do you blieve that people who get married after a real love don’t face any problem? If so, what do you think abot the proverb that said love is a long sweet dreams and marriage is an alarm clock. Then, are you agree with people who said in the first year of marriage man speaks and woman listens, in the second year woman speaks and man listens, in the the third year they both speak and neighbors listen.Yeah it is.So what i wanna focus on right now is to tell you some secrets whereby you cane save your marriage,make is happier and why not longer.So tell me girls, what will you cost if you cook your favorite husband’s meal.You know that the nearest way to a man’s heart is his stomach.Then, is it difficult for you to bring him a cup of coffee while he’s resting or to put his favorite paper in his favorite chair.And you boys would it cost you a lot to pick a flower and bring it to you wives or help them with dishes after you eat.Would it cost you a lot to surprise them with a gift.So, so these simple things will cost you nothing while it can give you every things. there are are other secrets that you must focus on during your marriage which are try to build a strong relationship with your partner in order that you can connect on a deep level.You must also show your companion respect and afection.It’s also better to learn how to disagree without being disagreeble. You should spend a part of time together,doing fun things or just hanging out.Learn how to be understanding and forget about all the kinds of selfshness .Never and never say to your spouse you are wrong because you will just make him defensive. you should show your partner that he is or she is the most important person in the world.Show him or her that even if his or her mestakes you are always proud of him or her.Try to resolve your smallest problems far from your children.But above all try to be logical and use your minds more than your hearts for instance if he get late to home by 5min or 10 don’t try to make him or her strenous by some lunatic question like where have you been? Who were you with?Were you with some woman? because in your point of view what can your partner do in 10 min with an other woman.So these are some small things that can save you marriage and make it happier and longer .And I wish you the best of luck.