Essay : Are childhood years the most important years of a person’s life?

Question (from the forum) : Are childhood years the most important years of a person’s life?

There are many important milestones in the life of a person - the day you start walking, the day you learn to read, the day you get married and so on. Different people assign different value to different events. There is no doubt emphasis is on difference, but overall which is the most important period in people’s lives? Some suggest that your personality is shaped from age one to twelve, others think puberty is the most crucial time of your life. I agree with the former, that the earliest years of our lives shape us and are our most precious years, because that is the time when morals are taught and instincts developed.
We have a saying in Bulgaria for “bad” people – “His parents didn’t looked at him until he was 8.” I most certainly agree that this is true. The age from one to seven is crucial because that is the time when children start to understand what is “good and bad” and what does “mine” and “yours” mean. This is basically the period that they start to acknowledge social norms and rules. Recent studies show that juvenile criminals have no respect of property and dignity simply because they have trouble understanding it, because no one taught them.
The early years is the time when you develop basic habits. That is the time when you learn that you have to flush the toilet, brush your teeth and so on. It is in this period that you develop your so-called manners. This is really important because, as we all know, habits are hard to break and if, for example, the parents haven’t taught their child to brush his teeth every morning when he was young, he’ll have a very hard time learning to brush his teeth as an adult, and chances are he won’t even try to learn.
Because of all this I think that the early childhood is the most important period in a person’s life. The first manners and habits he picks up will, probably, be for life and will go on to define a major part of his personality.

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Hi, I think your writing is very good. You have very few errors and your sentences sound very natural. I like your introduction, especially your thesis statement. You have some good examples and I like your idea of using common sayings. I think you could work on your vocabulary a bit, since most of your words are fairly basic, although you have used all of them correctly. Also, your essay might be a bit too short to get a top score - maybe try adding a couple more examples if you have time. Still, overall, excellent work, I would rate it a 4 out of 5.