Essay: Animal preservation and zoos.

In present-day society, animal preservation is a frequent topic of discussion. However, whether zoo is the most suitable place for wild creatures has triggered widespread concern. Some individuals maintain that zoos are inhumane and all the zoos should be shut down. While from my perspective, zoos play pivotal role in the preservation of wild animals.

On the one hand, it is manifest that zoos are significant to the protection of rare animals. To start with, zoos provide wild animals with shelter and daily nutrition. As Homo Sapiens is progressing at a staggering rate, which is attended by population exploration, space which used to habitat wild animals is exploited by human race. As a result, the land available for the animals to reproduce is increasingly less than before. Only in the zoos, can these wild species be effectively preserved. Furthermore, zoos will ensure these rare animals live in safety. Since many people are driven by the profitability of poaching, massive numbers of animals are in great danger. By the way of zoo protection, these rare species will not go extinct extensively. Las but not least, by feeding animals together in the zoo, we can acquire more precise knowledge about animal protection. Obviously, our knowledge about some certain species is very restricted to some extent. If we can nurture them together in a compact way, we will collect more information about some types of diseases which can be utilised when problems occur.

On the other hand, others believe that zoos are inhumane to the animals and they should be closed down entirely. This can be attributed to the fact that as animals are cramped in the iron cages, they will not only lose their freedom, but also lose their natural instinct which is essential to their life. However, further analysis would make it clear that since many animals are now live in the open sanctuaries, this is less likely to happen currently.

Overall, having considered the above reasoning, my conclusion is that zoos are the ideal habitation for the rare animals. More governmental funding should be dedicated to the zoos to protect these rare species from extinction.

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