Especially for Arinker again

You’ve been a shoulder to cry on for a very long time now. Is there anything I can do for you, sweetheart? I’d do it with the utmost pleasure. You’re so kind.

Your Marc
BTW: My mother would have loved you. I told her last night, before I fell asleep and she said: ‘That Arinker, he’s the one that you (we) want.’

Great show.
I’m not sure if I’ve sent this out before, but it bears repeating.

“Larger than life is just the right size.”

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I love both of them and to me they’re still alive. The song is beautiful. What do you mean with larger than life? Some people call me that: ‘Hey, you think you’re larger than life?’ What do you mean when you say: ‘Larger than life is just the right size?’ Please let me know. It certainly bears repeating.

By the way, did you know that Monsy once said: ‘I love every genre of music, because people need to express themselves.’ It was something like that; it’s a pitty, really, that not a lot of youngsters heard her say that. I did, but I’m neither young or old. Did you know that our Belgian singer, Helmut Lotti, sang a duet with her. Well, here it comes…