ESL Vocabulary Activity

English Language Activity

Aim: improving general vocabulary.
Activity: the students should fill out the gaps by choosing the most adequate answer.
Level: intermediate to advanced.
Outline: ask students to talk on their process to increase general vocabulary.
stimulate ESL students’ speaking ability by provoking questions such as “Is there any kind of vocabulary that is more attractive to you?” “ If so, what kind of specific vocabulary?” “Business?” “ Information Technology?” “Culinary?”
talk to your students on the test: “Any objection concerning the questions?” “What are the unknown words?”
estimated time required: 5 minutes
Vocabulary Test

Fill out the blanks with the most suitable answer:

  1. Confident workers feel more_______and content when they air their opinions and engage in a serious dialogue with their supervisors.
    a. appreciated
    b. absent
    c. obsolete
    d. abstract

  2. Studies show that a high-sodium, low-potassium diet is linked to a host of _______.

a. foreignness
b. aliens
c. maladies
d. extremeties

  1. Research suggests that_______replacing negative thoughts with optimistic ones may improve your outlook, reduces stress and lift your self-esteem.

a. cowardly
b. consistently
c. incidentally
d. scarcely

  1. As European churchgoing_______declines, many old grand buildings have fallen into disuse.

a. seldom
b. rarely
c. superficially
d. steadily

  1. It’s a welcoming town; people are extremely_______.

a. greedy
b. concrete
c. hospitable
d. prevalent

  1. The candidates will never be asked on the exams _______between British and American English.

a. to distinguish
b. to discard
c. to reduce
d. to obstruct

  1. Nicole passed the hard Physics exam because she is a _______student.

a. tolerant
b. complimentary
c. dignified
d. dedicated

  1. The_______of the fashion world lures girls from all over the world.

a. glitter
b. slowdown
c. frugality
d. encroachment

  1. Hillary has showed me a_______of the controversial report.

a. summary
b. crop
c. debris
d. faint

  1. Meg used _______the stunning pond day in and day out.

a. to erupt
b. to prevent
c. to contemplate
d. to furnish


1.a 2.c 3.b 4.d 5.c 6.a 7.d 8.a 9.a 10.c