ESL Internet Radio Channel?


Yesterday Alan sent me the following email:

Since I find this idea tantalizing I forwarded it to Tom Kane who sent this response:

Now Alan has sent this email:


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It is really works!

I have visited this page and I could listen to Live 365.


Hi Gents,

As I mentioned, I think the idea is fantastic. I’ll happily post items on this thread so we can all see it.

As this progresses, I will certainly assist where I can. If you’d like me to interview folks, I can then send an MP3 of the interview to Alan to be broadcast at a certain date and time.

Alan…me outgoing? Ha - I’m actually rather shy! :slight_smile:

Let me know how I can help.


Morning all,

So I take it we all think it’s a good idea. What interests me is the mechanocs of how it will work in terms of recording the material and I assume we also need a name.


Hi Alan,

In simple terms the system works as follows:

  1. You purchase an Internet Radio Broadcaster account.
  2. You get the broadcasting software programs and equipment from a vendor and/or the Internet.
  3. You log into your account and record your first programmes.
  4. Your programmes are broadcast through the Live365 Internet Radio Channel platform to Internet Radio listeners.

It’s a bit like our online voice recorder just with more functionality and features.

That’s how I understand the Live365 offer. Please let me what you think.

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So Torsten, how is your suggestion going?

Is it still undergoing investigation, or has it been put on the back-burner?

I would be happy to help in whatever way I am able.


Hi Bill,

Thanks a lot for your interest in the Internet Channel Project. I think at the moment it’s better for us to concentrate on promoting the online voice recorder and the new ‘add a photo’ feature.

What is your take on that?

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Good morning Torsten. I am absolutely delighted to see the growing numbers of people using the Online Voice Recorder.

The importance of this facility should never be underestimated.

Those members of the Forum who choose not to use the Voice Recorder deprive themselves of the very best opportunity to improve their conversational skills.

It is certainly a great achievement to be able to read and write in English, but it is far more important to be able to converse fluently.
This will only ever be achieved with constant practice and encouragement.

We provide this excellent facility here on the Forum, and the great thing is that it is absolutely free. Those who don’t use it will surely regret it when they are eventually asked about their speaking abilities,