ESL Conversation: Getting Started

Activity One
Divide into groups of four. In conversation, it is often helpful to show other people that we understand what they are trying to communicate. A smile, a nod of the head, and eye contact are encouraging to others and invite them to continue. Frowning, shaking one’s head no, or looking away while others are speaking will discourage others from trying.

In this class, we want to encourage others. In your groups, practice smiling at others and encouraging them. Take turns telling why you want to learn more English. Where do you speak English now? Where would you like to speak English more? Why?

Activity Two
Words can also show that we want others to feel comfortable speaking. In your group, take turn saying each of the following statement. Give eye contact to others as you speak. This practice will make it easier to use these encouraging statement in your conversations with others.

That is interesting.
You are right!
I enjoy listening to what you have to say.
I like that!
What happened next?
Can you explain more?
Please continue.
Activity Three

With the other members in your group, make a list of five or more important rules to follow which will help you have pleasant conversations in this class.
2. ______________________
3. ______________________
5. ______________________

Good activity for working on sub-skills, esltiger. Students often lack such skills when involved in conversations in English.

Thank you Molly :slight_smile:

Thank you. :wink: